As Director, I welcome graduate and undergraduate students of ALL backgrounds to join the RISE lab.

Resilience, Intersectionality, Stigma, and Engagement (RISE) Lab

The RISE Lab focuses on Queer and Transgender People of Color (QTPoC). Our approach is rooted in clinical health psychology, positive psychology, and diversity science with hopes to increase the understanding of QTPoC in order to develop culturally responsive interventions to mitigate health disparities among this population. We accomplished these goals using mixed methods and community-engaged research to:

  1. Build upon the growing intersectionality literature regarding the navigation of multiple marginalized identities by (a) outlining the process of how QTPoC attain identity achievement and (b) identifying inhibiting and facilitating factors of this process. Moreover, exploration into how multiple marginalized identities influence health behaviors and outcomes among QTPoC within the context of other syndemic factors that increase risk for HIV and poor health outcomes.

  2. Describe existing strengths of QTPoC as well as investigate how other positive psychological factors influence health behaviors and outcomes among this population.

  3. Translate the aforementioned findings into culturally responsive interventions to therapeutically bolster adaptively coping with minority stress and increase engagement in health-promoting behaviors among QTPoC. Further, this work intends to develop interpersonal and community-based interventions that engender greater knowledge, skills, compassion, and positive attitudes toward QTPoC within social settings where they frequently encounter stigma.